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Frozen Fruits & Veggies

Alexia   Cascadian Farms   Earthbound Farm   Ian's   Woodstock Farms  

PriceQuantity - UnitCase
              Alexia   Back to top
Corn, Super Sweet, OG (1161413) $30.05 12/12 oz
Crinkle Fries w/ sea salt, OG (9369090) $41.88 12/16 oz
Fries, Olive Oil/Rosemry/Gar (9210195) $35.73 12/16 oz
Fries, Sweet Potato, Jul, S (9245876) $38.40 12/15 oz
Mushroom Bites, Breaded, Garlic/Olive Oil (9514679) $47.91 12/8 oz
Onion Rings, Golden w/sea salt (9560755) $46.40 12/12 oz
Oven Red Pot, Ol Oil/Parm/Gar (9245886) $35.73 12/15 oz
              Cascadian Farms   Back to top
Blackberries, OG (9523480) $45.00 12/10 oz
Blueberries, OG (9908095) $49.92 12/8 oz
Broccoli Cuts, OG (Family Pk) (9190611) $35.18 12/16 oz
Broccoli Florets, OG (9340208) $32.35 12/10 oz
California Vegetable Blend, OG (9432369) $33.27 12/10 oz
Chinese Stir Fry Blend, OG (9542688) $32.58 12/10 oz
Edamame, Shelled, OG (9169219) $33.27 12/10 oz
Green Beans, OG (Family Pk) (9242677) $35.17 12/16 oz
Mixed Vegetables, OG (Family) (9190595) $35.20 12/16 oz
Peas and Carrots, OG (9432385) $32.33 12/10 oz
Spinach, OG (9580787) $35.20 12/10 oz
Sweet Corn, OG (Family Pk) (9190579) $35.20 12/16 oz
              Earthbound Farm   Back to top
Strawberries, OG (1150440) $52.72 12/10 oz
              Ian's   Back to top
Onion Rings, WF, GF (9158766) $41.86 12/10 oz
              Woodstock Farms   Back to top
Asparagus, Whole Baby, OG (9557371) $57.18 12/10 oz
Broccoli Florets, OG (9680132) $33.32 12/10 oz
Corn, White Sweet, OG (9833335) $31.42 12/10 oz
Corn, Yellow, OG (9154443) $31.42 12/10 oz
Edamame, Shelled, OG (9599753) $33.29 12/10 oz
Green Peas, OG (9154419) $33.32 12/10 oz
Mixed Berries, OG (9154559) $60.85 12/10 oz
Mushrooms, Mixed, OG (9557397) $38.05 12/10 oz
Petite Peas, OG (9599738) $33.32 12/10 oz
Spinach, OG (9154450) $33.40 12/10 oz

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No Beef Bouillon Base (V)
Coffee Bn, Breakfast Light Rst, OG
Coffee Bn, Cooperative Vienna Roast, OG
Coffee Bn, Espresso, OG
Coffee Bn, Farmers Ex Drk Roast, OG
Coffee Bn, Five Sisters, Med Rst, OG
Coffee Bn, French Roast, Decaf, OG
Coffee Bn, French Roast, OG
Coffee Bn, LaFlor de Africa, Med Rst, OG
Medjool Dates, Colossal, OG
Medjool Dates, Colossal, OG
Medjool Dates, Ex Fancy, OG
Medjool Dates, Ex Fancy, OG
Medjool Dates, Jumbo, OG
Medjool Dates, Jumbo, OG
Kitchen Pack, 2 cloths
Non-Scratch Souring Cloth
Personal Electronic Cleaning Cloth
Range & Stovetop Cloth
Stainless Steel Cloth
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