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For this delivery cycle, orders may be placed via phone, email or snail-mail until January 17th, 2015. Please call between 9am - 6pm CST.

Delivery (click on location for map):

Our Farm on Short Mountain
2pm 'til 4pm                                                      01/30
10am 'til 12 noon                                               01/31

Cookeville                                                         01/31
Special Arrangement

Manchester                                                     02/02
Farmerís Market Pavilion 12:00-12:15 PM
Across from Duck River Electric, East Fort Street, Manchester

Tullahoma                                                        02/02
Senior Citizen's Center 2:00-2:30 PM
410 North Collins, Tullahoma

Murfreesboro                                                    02/03

Youth for Christ 12:00-1:30pm
906 Ridgely Rd. Murfreesboro

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We will now deliver at Youth for Christ, 906 Ridgely Road.  It is centrally located in Murfreesboro with easy access from parking lot to food.  There are no stairs either. AND, there will be no need to change locations during early voting times.

There are a couple of ways to drive.  From 840, take Murfreesboro Exit (Highway 41).  You will be on Broad Street.  Travel on Broad all the way to Ridgely Road.  This street is the next street on the right after the intersection of Medical Center Parkway.  There are Chuys restaurant and Chiliís restaurant on each corner of Ridgely.  The Youth for Christ building is first on the right.  Parking is on the side of the building.

Another way to drive is to take Medical Center Parkway from I24.  Just before you get to Broad Street turn right onto West College, then right onto Dashiel and left onto Scott Street.    Youth for Christ is on the corner; turn into the parking lot on your left.

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America, it's about time you got into lamb. You're famous for loving red meat, and lamb is just as red as beef.  Get a load of these statistics: Americans currently consume the equivalent of a measly one pound of lamb per person per year, compared to a whopping 61 pounds of beef per person! It wasn't always that way. The peak production year for lamb and sheep in this country was way back in 1945, according to the American Lamb Board, when there were 56 million of them. Today the head count is down to six million. What happened?

Blame it on World War II, when American servicemen in Europe were fed mutton dressed up as lamb and hated the strong musky flavor of adult sheep. When the soldiers returned home, many of them banned lamb from their dinner tables, which meant a generation of kids grew up unfamiliar with the delights of real lamb. As recently as 2011, the American Lamb Board discovered that almost half of American consumers had never tasted lamb.

Baaaaa humbug! Here are five reasons why it's time you got to know lamb: It's Got Flavor: We've done a good job over the years of breeding the flavor out of our food. Eat blindfolded and you'll have a hard time identifying a lot of what you eat. Take pork, for instance: The fat-phobic transformed pig meat into something so lean, it went from juicy and piggy to dry and tasteless. Thankfully the heritage-breed believers have rescued old-fashioned pork, but at a price the masses can't afford. Meanwhile, luscious lamb chops, shanks, racks, and roasts--from animals whose genetic traits haven't been mucked with like pork--are waiting to be discovered by you in the supermarket meat case, or better yet, from your local shepherd at your farmers' market.

It's Multiculti: Lamb is a cross-cultural meat, approved by the major religionsJewish, Islamic, and Christian--and eaten in quantity everywhere except America. Globally it's the second most popular animal protein after goat. The Middle East imports more Australian lamb by volume (and they've got lots of lamb to export) than anywhere else. China is a growing market for the Aussies, too, as well as Japan. And while we're at it, let's remember that the Australians know a thing or two about great food. They consume about 20 pounds of lamb per person each year compared to our paltry 1 pound per person.

It's Snazzy: There's nothing quite so classy for a dinner party or holiday meal as a rack of lamb, or better yet, two racks of lamb, their rib bones interlocked like the arch of sabers at a military wedding. Or how about a crown roast of lamb, two racks tied together to form a circle? Fit for a king! Caterers know that lamb lollipops--rib chops in which the bones have been scraped clean (to form a natural handle) and the meat trimmed down to a two-bite nugget are an irresistible nibble at holiday cocktail parties. A butterflied leg of lamb on the grill is a crowd-pleaser at any time of year. And don't forget about lamb shanks; they are fall-off-the-bone succulent when braised, whether in the oven or in a pressure cooker.

It's Grass-Fed Mostly: Need a new lawn mower? Consider a lamb! They are super-efficient at getting at all those hard to trim areas. In the marketplace Americans can chose between lamb raised in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. New Zealand lamb is grass fed all the way; be aware that the breeds they use are small, resulting in cuts of meat that are smaller than their American counterparts. Australian lamb is predominantly grass fed. The use of grain is very minimal; it's really just a supplement if the grass is compromised by the weather (as in no rain).  In the U.S. an increasing number of lambs are completely grass fed, while some producers still like to finish their lambs with a little grain at the end. Even better news: as farmers' markets proliferate, more lamb is being raised locally and that means really fresh meat.

It's Healthy: Grass-fed lamb, like other grass-fed meat, is an efficient way of getting the concentrated goodness of grass into our bodies. Besides that, lamb is rich in iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin B-12 and niacin, but it's particularly rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, one of those important omega-3 fatty acids you hear about). A 3-ounce serving of lamb, according to the American Lamb Board, has almost five times as much ALA as the same size piece of beef, 50% of the omega-3s of baked cod fish or broiled tuna, and 67% of sesame seeds.  In regions of some countries without access to a coastline and fish, lamb has sometimes been shown to provide more omega-3s than any other food in the diet.

Need more convincing? Visit the Yellowbird website and browse the delicious lamb recipes!


In this time of tight budgets, we have been searching for better pricing for our bulk beans, grains, flours and sweeteners. 

As you know the price for these commodities is determined by the market.  Finding a high quality source with more competitive pricing has been a challenge.  But, look what we can offer now: 
1)  Wheat Montana grains and flours in bags and pails...at lower price 
2)  Selected flours...at lower price 
    The addition of graham and durum flours. 
3)  Selected legumes...at lower prices 
4)  50 lb oats and sugars...at lower prices 
5)  All food products from NOW Foods are non-GMO 

When you begin to place your order you may not find some products in your history (My Morningside).  Some products have been assigned a new number. 

Please go directly to the page in the catalog where the product is listed.  Select, add to cart, order.  It will become part of your history.

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You can now read our garden newsletter(s) here.

We like to offer sales for products that you enjoy.

If you would like to request your favorite product on sale, please ask. If you ask in February for a March sale it would give us time to get the information from our suppliers.

Please view all our sale items here


We have received a list of the certified non-GMO products from one of our suppliers.

Among the many brands listed are Spectrum, Lotus Foods, Lundberg, Vita Spelt, Eden, Tru Roots, Florida Crystal, Madhava, Wholesome Sweeteners, Blue Diamond.  There are many more.  So, if you have a question about a specific product, please inquire with the product number and description.  We are glad to look it up for you.

Please view new products added to catalog here.

Bacon Yellow Cheddar
Jalapeno Cheddar
Sharp Cheddar, (CWR), raw milk
Sharp Cheddar, (CWR), raw milk
Sharp Yellow Cheddar
Figs, Golden, OG
Dessert Jel, Cherry (V)
Dessert Jel, Lemon (V)
Dessert Jel, Orange (V)
Dessert Jel, Raspberry (V)
Dessert Jel, Strawberry (V)
Vegan Jel, Orange
Vegan Jel, Peach
Vegan Jel, Raspberry
Vegan Jel, Strawberry
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