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For this delivery cycle, orders may be placed via phone, email or snail-mail until August 29th, 2015. Please call between 9am - 6pm CST.

Delivery (click on location for map):

Our Farm on Short Mountain
2pm 'til 4pm                                                      09/11
10am 'til 12 noon                                               09/12

Cookeville                                                         09/12
Special Arrangement

Manchester                                                     09/14
Farmer’s Market Pavilion 12:15-12:30 PM
Across from Duck River Electric, East Fort Street, Manchester

Tullahoma                                                        09/14
Tullahoma Senior Citizen’s Center 2:00-2:30 PM
410 North Collins St.">

Murfreesboro                                                    09/15

Youth for Christ 12:00-1:30pm
906 Ridgely Rd. Murfreesboro

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Ann Green is presenting a series of Traditional Foods Classes. 

Bread, Stock and Barrel was established to promote healthy eating and lifestyle.  The name reflects traditional nourishing foods such as naturally leavened sourdough bread, mineral rich bone broths (stock) and living, fermented foods such as yogurt and sauerkraut (traditionally fermented in barrels).  

Flowing from the pioneering findings of Doctor Weston A. Price and the historical wisdom of cultures from around the world, Bread, Stock and Barrel is designed to bring you the encouragement, information and education you need to establish a healthy diet for you and your family.

You can see Ann’s Fall/Winter Traditional Foods Series on this link.


Cover cropping is a way to accomplish several things: increase organic matter in the soil (better nutrient and moisture holding), increase nitrogen (a fertilizer), discourage weeds (a herbicide) and kill pests (pesticide). And, as a part of a no-till regime it can reduce your physical work.

You could accomplish some of what I am suggesting with compost but it's more work and you may need to till the soil. Essentially, with cover crops you grow compost right in the ground.

We cover crop with three schemes: one for spring crops, one summer crops and one for just about any time it fits.

For spring crops we plant a mix of spring oats and crimson clover about the middle of September. The spring oats (same as “feed oats”) will get up about knee high or better, then die after the first or second hard freeze. The upper plant acts like a mulch and protects the soil from erosion. The roots increase organic matter in the soil and provide an allopathic effect in the soil that discourages weeds.

Come spring the crimson pops up and will bloom early. Actually, it's really good for winter sore eyes -- it's beautiful. We plant right in the crimson, usually with plants (broccoli, potatoes, chard, etc.). When the flowers bloom, cut the plants down to create a mulch. The crimson provides nitrogen for your plants (when it blooms; just when your plants need it) and it also provides habitat for spiders. As many as 13 species of spiders will come in on the spring winds. The spiders (a great pesticide) will do away with squash and potato beetles and who knows what else.

A second version of this is just plant the spring oats. The mulch it leaves is very easy to pull back and plant seeds. It works well with peas or beans that will go on to provide a crop and nitrogen for your soil. It works welt with onion sets too.

(There have been studies done at U of Tenn, Knoxville that show spiders to be about 50% more effective than chemical sprays. You just have to give them a home)

For summer crops we plant rye grain and hairy vetch about the middle of September. We let it grow until about mid May the following year when the vetch is in bloom (also beautiful) and the rye is in "dough". We just cut them both down, and plant right into it. In some cases like okra you need to make little rows right in the mulch for seed; for corn, tomatoes or squash, you put the plants right in it. Again, you get nitrogen from the legume (vetch), weed reduction from the rye, habitat for predators with the mulch. And, it increases the organic matter. This doesn't not work well with a crop you are seeding – unless you are tilling it under.

We do a summer cover of soybeans and buckwheat to follow the crops that are taken out early, like broccoli or carrots.  When this crop is about 30-35 days old little blue flowers will appear on the soybeans indicating maximum nitrogen. We just cut them down and plant in them or cover them with leaves – the soybeans and buckwheat will incorporate into the soil very quickly. You can plant this crop any time between about the 1st of May till the 1st of August

Call or email if you have question about cover cropping.

We have organic rye, hairy vetch, soy bean and buckwheat seed in the catalog listed on the Garden Products page. We also have spring oats. The crimson can be purchased by the pound at the farmer's co-op.


You can now read our garden newsletter(s) here.

We like to offer sales for products that you enjoy.

If you would like to request your favorite product on sale, please ask. If you ask in February for a March sale it would give us time to get the information from our suppliers.

Please view all our sale items here


We have received a list of the certified non-GMO products from one of our suppliers.  It is quite a list so we will have it available for you to look at on delivery days. 

Organic almonds price reflect damage from the drought.  Dried fruits prices do as well.  The price for Turkish apricots reflect damage suffered from the frost in 2014.

Please view new products added to catalog here.

7-Ancient Grains Bread, GF
Rye Style Bread, Wh Grain, GF
Kokomo Fruit Punch, OG
Potato Chips, Avocado Oil, S
Potato Chips, Avocado Oil, S&P
Sweet Potato Fries, Baked, LS
Yogurt, Dark Cherry Chai
Yogurt, Honey Pear
Yogurt, Maple Ginger
Yogurt, Straw Pomegrante
Grahams, Chocolate, WF, GF
Grahams, Honey, WF, GF
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