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Order Instructions
Why a Proforma Invoice?
How do I make changes to my order?
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To order you must log in. In order to log in you must be registered with us. There are no fees, charges or work requirements related to being a member. You simply agree to pay for your purchases on delivery or before we ship in the rare case we have to ship. If you have not already done so, click the registration link above.

You may start an order and leave it without checking out and submitting immediately. But you must check out and submit the order before the above cut-off to receive what you order.

Once you have submitted your order, you should receive a proforma invoice within 48 hours (you will also find it posted when you log in). If you do not receive the proforma invoice, log in to see if it is posted. If not, contact us immediately. We ask that you check items and quantities and then either confirm the order or contact us with questions or corrections.

Once you are logged in you may log out at any time. Or, if you forget to log out, the server will log you out after 4 hours.

Each catalog section page indicated on the left contains the various products we sell. Once on the selected page, simply insert the quantity you wish to purchase on the appropriate lines. When you've finished ordering on that page, click "Add to Cart" in any section. A list of what you have ordered will then appear. Repeat the process until you have filled your needs.

There are two ways to modify items in your order. To remove an item, click the number under the "Remove Item" heading on the appropriate the line item. You may change a quantity by clicking "Change Qty" on the appropriate the line item. You will be directed to re-enter the desired quantity. You can only do these modifications on the summary page.

When you are done click the "Checkout" button. You will then get a final list of what you have ordered. If there is a mistake simply go back to the summary section, remove or change the selection and click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button -then"Checkout".

When you submit the order, the server will send you an auto response email (this is not a proforma invoice).

If you've ordered before, your address and phone information should pop up at the end. Please check to see that it is correct.

Multiple orders.If you wish to create multiple orders under one account, send one suborder at a time. The person with the account will be sub account (01). Just put a sub account number (01,02,03. . . etc.) in the sub account slot at the end order.  This means that you will place a separate order for each person.

If you wish to re-order an item you have ordered before click on My Morningside. It will list items you have previously ordered in an order form. On this page there is another link, Show all History with a complete list of your previous items (going back 12 cycles).

If something goes wrong, don't panic! Just log in and send us a message, Email or call us (615 563 2353 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting   615 563 2353 end_of_the_skype_highlighting).

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We are different from stores or other retail establishments in that our job is to give you what you want (and only what you want) and keep prices reasonable by combining the purchasing power of many people together. In doing so, there is a process of making the the best fit order for each member and the buying club as a whole.

When you place an order (unless it is all in full case lots or bags) we have to go through a process splitting cases and bags to match your order as perfectly as possible. The process is not perfect and that is why we need to let you know what we can get; sometimes that will cause us to order slightly less or more than you want. The proforma is to make sure the final order is agreeable to you.


When you place your order, you will come to the Summary of Order page.  We have added a couple of columns so you can cancel or change the quantity of an item on the order.

Place your cursor on the line and click the word "Remove" in the column above if you wish to take that item off the order.

Place your cursor on the line and click the word "Change Quantity" in the column above if you wish to change the quantity of that item.

If you need to increase the quantity beyond what the dropdown allows, after you have added the maximum allowable to your cart, go back to the catalog page and order more. This will add more to the same line item,

In this way you can make all of your changes on the "Summary of Order" page.  Then you  check out and send the order to us.


For local delivery in Murfreesboro, Cookeville and Tullahoma, we charge one fee to cover costs of delivering.

 You may also pick up your order at our farm (at an agreed upon time).

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You need not pay until pick-up day.  We accept cash, money order or check.

 If a personal check "bounces" we now have to charge you $15 as our bank now charges us.

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We do our best to keep the prices to you stable. But, since we purchase from the source or close to it, some prices may change due to market fluctuations and manufacturers' price changes. Often we are not notified of a price change until product is received.  When there are significant price increases we try to notify our customers as soon as we know in order to adjust orders.

 When placing your order, please ask for information on any significant price change.

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Bulk splits are a way to get exactly the quantity you desire without the corresponding high price of cosmetic packaging. We purchase food in large quantities and re-distribute the food in clean bags for delivery to you. Unlike cosmetic store packaging, Morningside packaging is for delivery purposes only.  

The catalog amount under "Price" is the amount you pay per pound or unit if you order the total under "Whole Size". If, for example, you purchase a case of Semolina Spaghetti the amount would be $11.60 ($1.16 x 10).If you purchase one pound, the amount would be $1.41 ($1.16 + .25). If you purchase 3 pounds, the amount would be $3.73 ($1.16 x 3 +.25)  Remember, you only pay the "Split Charge" once per split (not per pound or unit). Where no "Split Charge" or "Whole Size" is indicated,the item is sold only by the price and size indicated - with no split charge.

Then, we handle "Case splits" in a special way that allows you to purchase part of a case. These are the items with a drop-down order quantity rather than a type-in slot.

If you would like to order part of a case, just select a portion of the case in the drop-down window in the quantities box.

If, in the "Case Splits" column, there is an indication of "Shared", someone has ordered a partial case of that item and wishes others to participate in the split.

When "sharing" is not indicated, you can initiate a split just by ordering a portion. You may want to do so early so others can take note. This gives you a better chance of getting the split.

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Combination's:You and a friend or a group of friends may save the split charge by dividing whole items or cases among yourselves. For example, friend A, friend B,and friend C want 12 lbs, 5 lbs, and 8 lbs of beans respectively from a 25 lb bag. We will invoice each friend separately but the friends open the bag and split the beans; hence, no split charge. This gives you a lower cost.   And we do all the calculations and paperwork.

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For Special Order items (items not listed in the catalog),specify the brand and size. We have literally thousands of items available to us not in the catalog, so we can probably find what ever you want and give you the best possible price.

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We purchase food in large quantities and redistribute the food in clean food-grade bags for delivery to you. Unlike cosmetic store packaging, Morningside packaging is for delivery purposes only. While this reduces the cost to you, it requires you to transfer the foods to air tight or refrigerated containers (glass is best) as soon as possible. Since whole natural foods have no preservatives, you need to take extra care to keep them alive and well!

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Morningside respects and protects the privacy of our members. Individually identifiable information about you is not willfully disclosed to any third party without first receiving your permission. Essentially, we never give email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers or individual statistical data to anyone under any circumstances.

When you order from Morningside we automatically begin sending you monthly bulletin. If you do not want to receive it, simple reply to the bulletin with "unsubscribe" in the subject.

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We do not retrieve or create statistical data from your computer. . . ever.

Upon your first order with Morningside we place a cookie on your computer that identifies you to our server. This allows us to personalize many of the pages in our catalog and reduce the amount of information you must type.

Our shopping cart requires the use of cookies. Without them,  we cannot accumulate the various items you order. This means you must have the cookies turned ON in your browser to place an order though our web site.

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CF : Corn free
CP : Cold Pressed
CR: Crunchy
C/S : Cut and Sifted
DF : Dairy free
EV, ExVir: Extra Virgin
ExP: Expeller Pressed
FF : Fat free
FJ, FJS: Fruit Juice sweetened
FL: Contains fluoride
FT : Fair Trade
GF : Gluten Free
JS : Juice sweetened
K : Kosher p�reve
LF : Low fat
LS : Low Salt
ND : Non-dairy
NS : No salt
O, OG: Organically grown
PF: Peanut free
R : Roasted
R&S : Roasted and Salted
Ref: Refrigerated item
S : Salted
SM: Smooth
V : Vegetarian or/Vegan
WF : Wheat free
YF : Yeast free

Kitchen Pack, 2 cloths
Non-Scratch Souring Cloth
Personal Electronic Cleaning Cloth
Range & Stovetop Cloth
Stainless Steel Cloth
Beet Kvass, OG
Coconut Kefir
Concord Grape Water Kefir, OG
Ginger Beet Kvass, OG
Pear Cardamom Water Kefir, OG
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